Intro Sort: A brief introduction

Intro sort

Why do we need Intro sort?

Why is mergesort not used?

When to switch from quicksort to heapsort?

  1. Intro sort begins with quicksort and if the recursion depth exceeds the depthlimit of intro sort, switching to heapsort takes place.
  2. If the number of elements is few, insertion sort takes place.
  1. If the partition size is greater than the depthlimit i.e 2*logN, switching to heap sort takes place.
  2. If the partition size is too small, switching to insertion sort takes place. The constant below which insertion sort is used is chosen to be 16 based on research. Therefore, if the size of the partition is less than or equal to 16, insertion sort takes place.
  3. If the partition size is greater than 16 and less than the depthlimit (2*logN), quicksort is performed.



Implementation in C++

Time Complexity

Auxiliary Space


Comparison between Quicksort, Heapsort, Insertion sort, Introsort





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