Why ERP?

Enterprise Resource Planning solutions are extremely powerful tools responsible for the establishment and maintenance of a coherent enterprise. The existing services are primarily concentrating on established European and American markets. The Indian market is opening up and is developing into a global powerhouse. The existing global ERP players have not been able to get hold of the Indian economy due to a lack of customization to meet the requirements of Indian industrialists. The bigger challenge is to meet the diversity of the Indian market. The Indian industry comprises predominantly of small scale industries which cannot afford to pay premium prices for an application or software.


As in any development, we had our moments of ups and downs. The despair when the IDE comes up with a screen full of errors for missing a semi-colon to the feeling of surprise when your application produced the desired result without you having a clue of what has happened, we have seen it all. On a serious note, it was a beautiful experience building our own full-fledged application. The most fun part was the learning experience. The process of creating data visualization taught us a lot about choosing the right platform for an efficient implementation. The time spent on generation easy to share pdf documents taught us about the importance of documentation and the right way to access and use any framework or library. The journey of learning what is stage and scene in JavaFX to complex SQL queries has been extremely impressive.

The Project:

Our project is an implementation for the small scale Indian manufacturing and trading industries. The reason for the particular implementation is the domination of small scale industries in India. According to reports, 45% of India’s exports are from these small-scale manufacturing Industries. They contribute 8% of the country’s net GDP(as of 2019). The project is implemented on Java, making it platform-independent. JavaFX integrated with CSS3 provides a great user experience. Users can also opt for visualization tools for a better understanding of their enterprise.



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